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Straighten Teeth Without Braces

Straighten teeth without braces



 Invisalign invisible braces are a series of clear removable teeth aligners used to  straighten teeth. To achieve that great smile, Duxton Dental offers Invisalign as  an alternative to traditional metal or ceramic braces.



A series of customised clear aligners are manufactured for you, and as you replace your aligners fortnightly, your teeth will gradually move into the final straightened position.


Treatment Plan

An exciting virtual 3D treatment plan “ClinCheck” is provided for you to view the series of movements your teeth will go through during your Invisalign treatment. You will actually get to see what your teeth are expected to look like at the completion of the treatment.


Dr Grahame Dutton, from Duxton Dental, explains that one of the most common reasons that people choose Invisalign is because of the minimal impact it has on everyday life. Dr Dutton says that the aligners are so comfortable that people have no problem wearing them for the recommended 22-24 hours per day. He explains that because the aligners are removable the teeth can be cleaned and flossed as normal, without getting food stuck around wires or brackets.


Even before the Invisalign treatment is completed people are already enjoying the benefits of a better smile, because alignment starts right from the beginning. Dr Dutton says the length of time to complete treatment is comparable to traditional braces. Many tooth malalignments can be treated using Invisalign, here are some common conditions that get stunning results:


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