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I've been visiting dentists for 40 years and this checkup was the most thorough and professional I've ever experienced. Being given a written summary of problems and solutions, times and costs, meant I could digest the content and make decisions in my own time. The facilities, treatment and staff are brilliant.


- Phil Sheppard




Under normal circumstances
I do not make any recommendations lightly but I am compelled to do so as a result of the exceptional service I have received. I can honestly say that as a result of the dental care I have received that my teeth have never been in better shape. All of the staff I have dealt with go the extra mile to ensure that the procedures undertaken are carried out as efficiently and comfortably as possible.


- SW Mauger




Duxton's facility is superb - the very friendly, supportive staff, soft colour schemes and the clean uncluttered look, along with the very professional use of dental technology is the best that I've experienced either here or overseas. Parking right outside the door is a bonus too.


- Philip Smith



I hadn't visited a dentist for nearly 20 years and certainly wasn't looking forward to having to visit one after such a prolonged period.


I found Duxton dental to be extremely friendly and helpful and would recommend their services to anyone concerned about their own dental care.


- Greg Moody



I value the philosophical emphasis palced on long term dental health care. Planned care means that toothache and extractions occur rarely if at all and I expect my teeth will outlast me. The excellent work is carried out by a team of lovely people.


- Graham



New Patient Experience   |   Your First Experience



At Duxton Dental we will provide the best new patient experience right from the first phone call until you receive your chocolates at the end of treatment.

Time is given to explain all your treatment options and we will respect and support your informed decisions.


Each new patient begins their partnership with Duxton Dental by connecting with Sonia, our New Patient Coordinator, before entering the clinical area. Sonia will walk you through the medical and dental questions to make sure we know all your wants, concerns and expectations.

People tell us that our new patient examination is the most thorough that they have ever experienced.  Utilising a variety of diagnostic tests including a jaw scan, digital x-rays, photos, lasers, oral cancer screening and testing of saliva.

The examination will cover four main areas:


1.  Bone and gums

2.  Jaw joints and bite
3.  The teeth (fractures, decay, structural integrity)
4.  Your smile or the cosmetic appearance of your teeth

Once all the information is analysed, a treatment plan will be created to address your wants and areas of concern. We will listen to your concerns and create a full patient care plan that will enable you to be happy with your teeth and smile for years to come.

On a follow-up visit, you will receive a full written report presented to you by our New Patient Coordinator and you will get to view the O.P.G, digital x-rays and photos, inside and outside the mouth. You will then be in a position to jointly formulate a plan of attack that suits your wants and budget.


We have invested greatly in our thorough diagnostics and utilise:




Orthopantomograph (O.P.G) X-Ray

This is a routine jaw scan used to radiographically check your jaws, sinuses, jaw joints and teeth for abnormalities (e.g. osteoarthritis, abscesses, cysts, gum disease and bone pathology including cancers).


O.P.G Jaw scan X-Ray





Digital X-Rays


A digital sensor used in conjunction with a special x-ray machine to put your x-ray images instantaneously onto the computer monitor so that you and your dentist can diagnose any conditions present.

These are used to see your teeth right up close to check for hidden cavities.

This technology uses 90% less radiation than standard x-ray machines currently used. So there is now less radiation with a set of x-rays than the amount you receive flying from Christchurch to Auckland.

Although digital dental x-ray exposure is minimal, all radiation is cumulative so adhere to strict x-ray hygiene protocols.




Intra Oral Digital X-Rays


A banana receives more radiation sitting on its tree in Queensland/Fiji.


Digital X-Rays
This technology uses 90% less radiation than standard x-ray machines currently used. So there is now less radiation with a set of x-rays than the amount you receive flying from Christchurch to Auckland.







Diagnostic Laser (Dental Cavity Detection)


A laser device that measures fluorescence within your teeth in order to diagnose and quantify new decay that is otherwise often impossible to detect. We have found the Diagnostic Laser to be most effective in detecting tooth decay.


Diagnostic Laser





Digital Photography

This great tool allows us to show you what we see and truly makes you fully informed.





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