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During my third pregnancy I noticed that my gums had deteriorated and were causing me great pain when brushing. After one visit to Duxton Dentals hygienist  the difference was amazing. No more swollen gums, bleeding or pain when cleaning my teeth!


- Amanda Cherry



It had been a very long time between dental visits! So when my mouth became an absolute mess due to suspected gum disease my girlfriend referred me to Duxton Dental and their hygienist. The presentation of the practice and the friendliness of the staff impressed me.  My hygienist and her chair-side assistant made my appointment as easy as possible with fun and gentle care. The results were immediate, the pain was gone and a week later I was back to my normal self and a lot more aware of my teeth and gums! I now have an ongoing maintenance program.


- Keri Sutton


Staff 01


Everything has been planned in minute detail to achieve a place where both patients and staff alike look forward to going to. We have employed an amazing team who all have similar goals and skills to provide the best dental experience we can.


- Christine Duxbury





My personal experience with Duxton Dental care has been very positive in all aspects from the first appointment to the finish of seven months treatment. Everyone was so friendly and caring giving confidence this alleviating stress and anxiety. Along with the very professional use of technology was the summary of assessment of problems, planning and treatment options all outlined with times needed for each treatment and cost. This was hugely beneficial as you could digest the content in your own time. I can recommend the experience I have had at Duxton Dental to anyone, I am sure you would not be disappointed. 


- Bob and Jean Jones



As a person who hadn’t been to a dentist for many years and had a shocking smile to show for it, I was persuaded by family to go to Duxton Dental. What a surprise, friendly people and dentists who went out of their way to make the experience as pain free and pleasant as possible. I now have a smile I’m confident to use.


- Matthew Ward


Staff 02


As a dental surgeon I aim to provide dental care that will stand the test of time. I believe it is our obligation to research and implement new technologies and techniques into our practice. I am confident we offer the best in world dentistry today.


- Grahame Dutton

Dental Surgeon




From the very first appointment I had, I was blown away by how friendly and kind everyone was. I love the experience I have had so far and I love how my teeth have come along. I think it’s the best dentist I’ve ever gone to and would 100% recommend it to anyone.


- Brookie Thorpe



The Duxton team are absolutely fantastic, like a well-oiled machine. They provide wonderful support and a personal touch to a dental-phobic person! They make me feel so comfortable and at ease that I almost look forward to going. I also received tooth whitening for my 40th, what a difference... I haven't stopped smiling since!


- Michelle Staples


Staff 03


I very much love the team approach at Duxton Dental and the high standard care that ensure our patients are looked after to the upmost of everyone’s ability.


- Hayley Hall





I have been in the dental industry for some time and I have not found a practice that is more thorough with attention to detail. Duxton has a real cosmetic focus - I'm now amalgam free and my teeth look the way they did in my youth. Their hygiene and maintenance programme really pays dividends for your mouth and overall health.


- Chris Smith





I've been visiting dentists for 40 years and this checkup was the most thorough and professional I've ever experienced. Being given a written summary of problems and solutions, times and costs, meant I could digest the content and make decisions in my own time. The facilities, treatment and staff are brilliant.


- Phil Sheppard



Staff 04


I like being able to get to know our patients and support them throughout their procedures, that has always been one of the things that has been important to me. I feel privileged to work with such an amazing team.


- Jewels Smith

Patient Co-ordinator




Many thanks to Grahame and the team at Duxton Dental. They have made the process of having braces as an adult painless.


- Eve




Duxton's facility is superb - the very friendly, supportive staff, soft colour schemes and the clean uncluttered look, along with the very professional use of dental technology is the best that I've experienced either here or overseas. Parking right outside the door is a bonus too.


- Philip Smith


Staff 05


I feel privileged to work with such and amazing team. I like being able to get to know our patients and support them throughout their procedures, that has always been one of the things that has been important to me.


- Jewels Smith

Patient Co-ordinator




I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Duxton Dental. The team were very professional and have done a wonderful job. The braces have done an amazing job thanks to Grahame and his team.


- Fergus Kennedy-Davey




As someone that had for many years been scared of going to the dentist because of the pain and the people in general, I was relieved to experience Duxton Dental. From the moment I walked through the front door to see an honest smile I knew this new dentist was going to be a better experience. I will strongly recommend Duxton Dental firstly for the staff but secondly for the technology and knowledge. I no longer have a fear of dentists and I have an amazing smile, which I am not ashamed to use. Thank you.


- Rick Collins


Staff 06


I have been waiting patiently for many years to be able to re-join the team, because not only is it the most favourite and rewarding job I’ve had in the dental industry, it’s also the most professional and technologically advanced.


- Krissy Clement

Dental Assistant




I hadn't visited a dentist for a long time so my treatment was considerable - from deep fillings to crowns and bridges. At no time did I feel stressed or anxious, and even the electronic local anaesthetic was ‘painless'. I have total trust in the entire team.


-Gary Webb




Under normal circumstances
I do not make any recommendations lightly but I am compelled to do so as a result of the exceptional service I have received. I can honestly say that as a result of the dental care I have received that my teeth have never been in better shape. All of the staff I have dealt with go the extra mile to ensure that the procedures undertaken are carried out as efficiently and comfortably as possible.


- SW Mauger



Staff 07


I love the individual and comprehensive care every patient receive here. The staff are a real team, and all very motivated to do the best for each patient we see.


- Rhonda Gooding





I would like to express my thanks to Grahame and his team for the excellent work they have done with my son’s orthodontic work. The process and cost was well explained from the outset and the result is a gorgeous smile.  We have found the team at Duxton Dental friendly, caring and very professional. Thank you very much for a great job.


- Gill Kennedy




I’m a lifetime “fraidy cat” when it comes to dentist – but the team here really are magnificent. From the front desk to the people in your mouth they are welcoming, informative and considerate. I’d never thought I’d recommend a dentist to anyone – but I have to recommend Duxton Dental because they deliver excellent service and obviously care about what they do.


- W Bishop






I value the philosophical emphasis palced on long term dental health care. Planned care means that toothache and extractions occur rarely if at all and I expect my teeth will outlast me. The excellent work is carried out by a team of lovely people.


- Graham




I would like to thank Christine... who has reversed my fear of the pain and suffering which I know all about  from previous Dental work being done by several different Dentists .  For a few  years following these painful treatments I thought I would  have full dentures, but thanks to Christine  and her calm and friendly  Assistants, who also listened  to me, I am reasonably calm now about having my teeth being sorted out. My fear of Dentists was so great when we first met many years ago, but not now.


- Helen Jackson





I hadn't visited a dentist for nearly 20 years and certainly wasn't looking forward to having to visit one after such a prolonged period.


I found Duxton dental to be extremely friendly and helpful and would recommend their services to anyone concerned about their own dental care.


- Greg Moody




That’s the first time I haven’t felt the injection. Thanks so much.


- Maree Radburnd





Great! Painless process. Duxton Dental were very helpful and patient with me especially when accidently breaking my brackets.


- Harry Singleton




After many years living on a student budget my teeth were a wreck. Having finally emerged into employment, the team at Duxton Dental were very understading of my position and were able to prioritise treatment. Their goal of transfomring denistry from the occasional quick but painful fix to an ongoing, preventative maintenance was well reflected in their state of the equipment and practices. The Dental work done by Hayley Hall was quite possibly the most pleasent I have ever experienced.


- Jon







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