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Skill & Artistry | Controlling Tooth Decay


Decay Control

Treatment of Decay


Dental caries is one of the most common disease worldwide and it is described as a complex process involving many factors including bacteria, oral PH, saliva & diet. Listed below are the most effective steps available today to manage dental decay.


1. Remove Cavities

Cavities are treated by removing infected “tissue” and restoring lost tooth structure with filling materials


2. Effective Plaque Removal

Duxton Dental hygienists spend time teaching you to clean your teeth effectively with brushing, flossing and many other techniques.


3. Sealants

Sealants are preventative resin restorations bonded to natural tooth structure where tooth brush bristles cannot reach in pits and grooves and decrease the risk of decay on the biting surfaces of healthy teeth.


4. Diet Analysis & Advice

Controlling your decay rate is directly related to your diet.

Duxton Dental can help you find those hidden sugars.


5. Caries Test & Advice

This is a new way to prevent dental cavities before they start…


The quick and easy CariScreen test determines your level of decay-causing bacteria. It only takes one minute to determine if you are low, moderate or high risk of developing cavities in the future.


Filling cavities restores the teeth but does nothing to address the problem – the bacterial infection.


A simple at home pro-active treatment program using the Cari Stat Mouth Rinse will significantly reduce the harmful bacteria in your biofilm.


Once the biofilm has reached a healthy state the Cari Stat Maintenance Rinse is used to create an environment that prevents the harmful bacteria from returning and promotes the beneficial ones.


To find out more about the Carifree system see


6. Regular Hygiene Attendance

Research indicates that regular hygienist visits reduces the number of fillings needed over time.

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