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Your dentist may be the
most important doctor you
see this year.

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Active Maintenance Program


Active maintenance is where you see the hygienist and dentist on the same visit. This is the most rationale and cost effective way of preventing dental diseases and maintaining healthy teeth and gums.


The mouth has hidden  breeding grounds where colonies of bacteria flourish - under the gums and between the teeth where it is dark, warm and wet.  These bacteria destroy the bone that anchors the teeth, leaving them loose. Most teeth are lost this way.  Like cholesterol, it is a silent painless disease. By the time any pain is felt, it is usually too late. The only symptom a patient may have is a little bad breath or a tiny amount of bleeding  when cleaning.


The joint care of hygienist and dentist (i.e active maintenance) is now recognised as the best standard of care worldwide.


Studies have revealed that visiting the hygienist/dentist regularly results in having on average one less filling (cavity) per year.






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