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What happens at an initial hygiene visit?


At your hygiene appointment, the hygienist will examine your teeth and gums for signs of disease and assess the severity of the disease. This thorough periodontal (gum) assessment will include measurement of any gum recession, bleeding, gum pocketing and tooth mobility present.


They will assess how much plaque (soft deposits) and tartar (hard deposits) you have on your teeth and under your gums.


The hygienist will discuss your gum condition and how best to look after your teeth and treat any gum disease present.




Teeth Cleaning - Tartar and Plaque Removal


They will remove tartar deposits using special instruments, as well as any stains and left-over plaque that remain by polishing your teeth. When the deposits are completely removed, they will educate you on how to maintain healthy teeth and gums.




Preventative Dental Care


As a hygienist is a specialist in removing these deposits, maintaining healthy gums and educating you to maintain a good standard of dental health, it is important you visit a hygienist on a regular basis. Your hygienist will advise you how frequently you should return for a maintenance visit in order to maintain optimal oral health.


After visiting the hygienist your mouth will feel fantastic, totally clean and fresh!




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