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I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Duxton Dental. The team were very professional and have done a wonderful job. The braces have done an amazing job thanks to Grahame and his team.


- Fergus Kennedy-Davey


Great! Painless process. Duxton Dental were very helpful and patient with me especially when accidently breaking my brackets.


- Harry Singleton


I would like to express my thanks to Grahame and his team for the excellent work they have done with my son’s orthodontic work. The process and cost was well explained from the outset and the result is a gorgeous smile.  We have found the team at Duxton Dental friendly, caring and very professional. Thank you very much for a great job.


- Gill Kennedy






Many thanks to Grahame and the team at Duxton Dental. They have made the process of having braces as an adult painless.


- Eve




Skill & Artistry | Orthodontics

The aim of orthodontics is to produce a healthy, functional bite, creating greater resistance to disease and improving personal appearance. This contributes to mental and physical well-being. Straight white teeth have also been shown to help you in life.

Most orthodontics is performed during the adolescent growth spurt and take advantage of facial growth, however these days we also treat many adults and younger children that have more pressing issues.

At Duxton Dental we look at your present complaint or you may have been referred by the school dental service.

We recommend having an orthodontic examination between 9 – 10 years of age so if things aren’t right, like missing adult teeth, and over bite or an under bite, we can save the need for treatment later on.



Orthodontics | Orthodontic Records


If treatment is warranted, we take a series of records to confirm our initial findings.


These include:

Models of Jaw Scan, Photographic Series and an X-ray of the face.




Jaw Scan


Photographic Series


Lateral Cepholometric X-Ray


A cephalometric x-ray is often required to decide if the changes in the mouth are simply a tooth issue or whether there are underlying skeletal changes (facial bones).

Once a diagnosis has been made a treatment plan is devised which includes type of appliances needed, estimate of treatment time and costs involved.



Orthodontics | Types of Appliances


Teeth are moved by placing a light force on the teeth. This can be achieved by using braces and wires, plates, appliances or clear aligners (Invisalign).
These days’ braces are not so noticeable especially with ceramic brackets which are tooth coloured.


Braces - metal and ceramic



When I was younger, I had extremely crooked and bucked teeth. At the age of 12 I began 2 ½ years of orthodontic treatment. It was incredibly worth it but being prone to being bullied, it was also a very difficult time getting braces on during my intermediate years.

When my son Toby’s front adult teeth started to grow in, it was immediately apparent that they were twisted. Dread set in but I put off thinking about it because I didn’t think you could get orthodontic treatment until all baby teeth had been lost and adult teeth had all come in.

Fortunately, a friend noted Toby’s teeth and told us that it was worth getting them assessed at Duxton Dental. I was surprised to learn that some cases can be treated before all baby teeth have been lost. Grahame assessed his teeth and gave us the treatment options. He talked us through the pros and cons of getting them treated then or waiting until he was older. We ultimately decided to get them treated then. It was exciting to think that his teeth could be already be straight going into the awkward pre-teen years and it happened to be the most cost-effective option.

At age 8, Toby was a champ getting the braces on and adjusting to them. This was much helped by the fact that Grahame and the team were always friendly, caring and fun and Toby loved choosing the colours of his bands every time he went. Only ten months later he got the braces off and now has lovely straight teeth. His speech (the ‘s’ sound in particular) has also improved, I think in part to the orthodontic treatment. Happily, we will still see the team a few times a year to ensure the plan for long term success is going well.


- Vanessa Clark





I came to see Grahame Dutton because I wasn’t very fond of my crooked teeth. Grahame put braces on me while I got to watch a movie on the TV screen above me. Now my teeth are straight as ever and I am so pleased with the outcome. All the staff at Duxton Dental were fabulous!.



- Georgie Staples




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