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Diagnostic Laser




Air Abrasion Unit

Skill & Artistry   |   Minimally Invasive Dentistry


Duxton Dental use modern, minimally invasive dental techniques to make your experience more thorough and comfortable.




Diagnodent Laser  |  Dental Cavity Detection


Diagnostic Laser


A laser device that measures fluorescence within your teeth in order to diagnose and quantify new decay that is otherwise often impossible to detect without this latest dental technology.
We have found the Diagnostic Laser to be most effective in detecting tooth decay.




Air Abrasion Dental Treatment  |  Sand Blasting


Drill Free Decay Removal


A computer controlled sandblaster for teeth, used to gently and painlessly blow away decay.


Air abrasion has many advantages over rotary instrumentation. Many of the air abrasion procedures can be performed without anaesthesia and with pain free dental care.


Air abrasion is often used in conjunction with laser-fluorescence caries diagnostic equipment to detect occlusal pit and fissure decay at a very early stage, and to treat the lesion atraumatically.

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