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We have searched the world of dentistry for the best, reliable, most effective solution for bad breath. We have found it and it is Therabreath. People are flying around the country to get their hands on the Therabreath dental treatment.


Dr Harold Katz’s background in Bacteriology assisted him in realising that Bad Breath is caused by a group of Anaerobic Sulfur-Producing Bacteria which breed WITHIN the tongue’s surface and throat. Under certain conditions, these bacteria initiate the production of the Volatile Sulfur Compounds found in Bad Breath and Taste Disorders. Bad Breath DOES NOT come from the digestive system, as some highly advertised products falsely claim.

Dr Katz is dedicated to explaining what causes bad breath, halitosis, dry mouth, taste disorders (sour, bitter, metallic) and how to get rid of these problems using therapies and products based on his research.
If you’ve been frustrated with commercial products that falsely claim they can attack the germs that cause bad breath, or if you scraped your tongue and still have bad breath, these products are the answer to your prayers.

The Therabreath dental product line is the result of years of medical/dental research combined with constant clinical testing & re-testing on people just like yourself. Dr Katz has prescribed these products to tens of thousands of patients worldwide and the success speaks for itself.


With so many people using this product internationally you know you can have confidence and most importantly… Results!

Therabreath products can be individually prescribed for you at Duxton Dental






I have been using Perio Therapy Toothpaste and Perio Therapy Oral Rinse for about five years. This letter is long overdue. I wanted to write to say that it’s not often you find a product that does exactly what it claims to do, but these two products have changed my oral health and dental visits! Where I used to have to see the dentist every 3 months to stay on top of gum disease, I now go every six months and have had no perio problems in years! I was just to the dentist two days ago and after the hygienist cleaned my teeth I asked her if there was a lot of build-up. She told me they were extremely clean and there was very little plaque to remove and absolutely no tartar! Thank you for such wonderful products. I know that these two products will help me keep my teeth for the rest of my life! 

- Tina
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