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I’m a lifetime “fraidy cat” when it comes to dentist – but the team here really are magnificent. From the front desk to the people in your mouth they are welcoming, informative and considerate. I’d never thought I’d recommend a dentist to anyone – but I have to recommend Duxton Dental because they deliver excellent service and obviously care about what they do.


- W Bishop




My personal experience with Duxton Dental care has been very positive in all aspects from the first appointment to the finish of seven months treatment. Everyone was so friendly and caring giving confidence this alleviating stress and anxiety. Along with the very professional use of technology was the summary of assessment of problems, planning and treatment options all outlined with times needed for each treatment and cost. This was hugely beneficial as you could digest the content in your own time. I can recommend the experience I have had at Duxton Dental to anyone, I am sure you would not be disappointed. 


- Bob and Jean Jones


As someone that had for many years been scared of going to the dentist because of the pain and the people in general, I was relieved to experience Duxton Dental. From the moment I walked through the front door to see an honest smile I knew this new dentist was going to be a better experience. I will strongly recommend Duxton Dental firstly for the staff but secondly for the technology and knowledge. I no longer have a fear of dentists and I have an amazing smile, which I am not ashamed to use. Thank you.


- Rick Collins



I would like to thank Christine... who has reversed my fear of the pain and suffering which I know all about  from previous Dental work being done by several different Dentists .  For a few  years following these painful treatments I thought I would  have full dentures, but thanks to Christine  and her calm and friendly  Assistants, who also listened  to me, I am reasonably calm now about having my teeth being sorted out. My fear of Dentists was so great when we first met many years ago, but not now.


- Helen Jackson





We Care   |   Duxton Dental makes you smile



Patients of Duxton Dental will receive customer care of the highest quality, like we, or our loved ones, would want to be treated, consistently at every point of contact.

One of the main reasons people stay with Duxton Dental is that they feel looked after!

Duxton Dental makes you smile.


Feature Testimonial


Thank you so much Grahame, you have given me my smile back.  Thank you Jewels for making my experience so comfortable.


- Christine Reeves



We actively promote preventative and minimally invasive dentistry, however if treatment is needed we have the latest in techniques and skills to provide the most efficient, pain- free, long lasting treatment available in the world of dentistry today.

For example in diagnosis we check for holes like everyone does, but we also take the time to understand what processes, diseases and forces are going on in and around the face and mouth.


We utilise laser detection (Diagnodent) to detect the modern deceitful decay.

During the removal of decay we use dyes to ensure all the decay is completely removed but no sound tooth goes to waste. We use specially designed burs to minimise vibrations that a lot of people remember from the school dental nurse days.

For the removal of decay on the top surfaces of the teeth, we can use air abrasion - a gentle spray of particles, sand & dust to caress away the staining and decay.





The Wand

We topically numb the area before the local anaesthetic.

The wand is a computer controlled, pencil like way of administrating the local anaesthetic. It delivers the fluid at a slow controlled rate so they tissues don’t get distended which means no pain from this.

It doesn’t look or feel like a conventional injection.









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