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Knowledge is Power


 Knowledge is power


 Modes of communication are changing rapidly in our new techno-era. Duxton Dental is  keeping abreast of these changes by providing you with new ways to gain access to  valuable up to date dental and related health information. The Duxton Dental website is  using a blog-like vehicle to share information on various areas of interest and they use  social media such as Facebook to connect their friends in a more interactive manner.  In late March Duxton Dental will be putting up a fresh new series of dental and medical  health articles and facts directly from Adelaide University (sponsored by Colgate). This  information is written for the general public in an easy to read and practical manner. Here is a sample of some of the common dental -medical interface information available on Duxton Dentals’ website:


Oral Cancer

Early detection A visit to the dentist is the first line of defence in both finding and checking oral cancers. A regular dental check-up is not only a good way to keep your teeth healthy but it can also help to detect warning signs of oral cancer in its early stages.


Oral cancer signs include:

• Any sore in the mouth, or on the face and neck, that does not heal in two weeks

• Swellings, lumps or bumps on the lips, or anywhere inside the mouth • White, red or dark patches in the mouth

• Loose teeth

• Difficulty moving the tongue or jaw

• Difficulty or pain when swallowing

• Difficulty wearing dentures

• A lump in the neck

• An earache that doesn’t go away

• Numbness, loss of feeling or pain in any areas of the mouth, face or neck

• An abnormal taste in the mouth

If any of these signs apply to you, make an appointment with your dentist or doctor immediately.




Old wives’ tales have linked pregnancy and poor dental health – for example, ‘you lose a tooth for each child’. Calcium for the baby is not ‘borrowed or stolen’ from the mother’s bones and teeth. However recent research has shown that pregnancy does cause changes in the mouth that may put your oral health at risk.


Pregnancy hormones

• Change the blood supply to your gums, and when plaque is present can cause pregnancy gingivitis – swollen red gums that bleed easily when brushing and may be tender.


Morning sickness and some food cravings may cause:

• Increased acid attack

• Increased risk of dental decay.

After vomiting rinse your mouth with water immediately but delay brushing for 30 minutes. See your dentist early in pregnancy to get your teeth and gums checked.


Visit the Duxton Dental website when seeking dental answers such as: Why worry about erosion? Will my teeth look like this? Erosion is when tooth surfaces are dissolved by acids, causing teeth to be worn, short and sometimes sensitive. Erosion is very different to decay but can be just as bad for teeth. Erosion can be caused especially by soft drinks including diet drinks, sports drinks e.g. fruit juice and citrus fruits and also gastric reflux, vomiting and Bulimia.


Did you know your teeth can recover from early stages of decay??


If decay is detected at an early stage, such as in the white spots pictured it can in most cases be reversed, preventing the need for a filling. Factors contributing to the progression of decay are: sugar, soft drinks, sports drinks, poor cleaning, some health problems and also some medications, individual bacterial counts and dry mouths.


What happens if decay progresses??


A filling may be necessary if decay progresses. Old fillings may need to be replaced after several years and may weaken the tooth and increase the risk of the tooth breaking. If you stop decay progressing your teeth should last longer and give you less trouble. Remember these days you should expect to keep your teeth for life.


Holistic approach

Modern dentistry and medicine is looking to acknowledge the whole person and to provide the general population with access to all the relevant information so they are better informed about their individual health needs. Duxton Dental is committed to helping to provide reliable and evidence based articles and links as part of their holistic approach to their patients. They feel it is their responsibility. For more information visit or face book, or contact a friendly staff member on phone (03) 348 5488.

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